Hi, I’m Raymond Hatfield, Host of the Beginner Photography Podcast

You’re a new photographer who bought a nice camera but find that the photos you take don't live up your expectations.

Before you think it's your cameras fault and trade it in for a more expensive one hoping that will solve the problem, let me fill you in on a little industry secret

Learning how to shoot in manual is the golden key to unlock your cameras full potential and have creative control over your images.

That's why Manual mode is the choice of working professional photographers.

Shooting in Manual allows you to...

Get a Great Image Even When Light Isn’t Ideal

Even if you’re currently happy with your images shot in Auto, once you have a solid understanding of how your camera and settings work together in harmony, there will be no lighting situation that will be a challenge for you. 

Explore Your Creativity

A camera is a creative tool, too often used to just document what's in front of it. When you know how to use the powerful tool in your hand you can explore new ideas and finally capture the world around you as you see it in your head. 

Always Be Ready When The Moment Arrives

When you can prepare for the big moment, the surprise, the kiss, you can set your camera settings ahead of time to nail it and forever avoid the dreaded question “Why did my camera miss this?” Stop relying on Auto to get a snapshot, use Manual to capture a GREAT SHOT.

Open the Door To Owning Your Own Business

As a business owner your images are your product. Learning manual mode allows you to create your signature by quickly delivering a consistent image every time no matter the fast moving environment, light changes that may occur, or time of day.

Even though the reasons to shoot in Manual are obvious, learning it on your own is anything but!

4 Reasons You Haven’t Learned

How To Use Your Camera

You Don’t Have Time

I get it, as a full time photographer, podcast host, husband and father, there doesn't seem to be any time for me to learn anything new either. That’s why I designed this course to be fluff free and full of the info you need to get shooting. No hour long lessons, no 100 page worksheets. Just what you need to take a photo right now. 

All The Settings Are So Complicated

With the popularity of digital photography, cameras add more buttons and dials with every new model. This can create a false sense of overwhelm when holding your camera. The truth is, there are only three settings you need, and I’m going to show you what they are and how to use them to take your first photo using manual in the very first module. 

Manual Mode is Only For Professionals

While Manual mode is the choice of most professional photographers, it is not saved exclusively for the world's best. Manual mode was the only option for decades before digital photography and is still on the most entry level cameras you can buy at any big box store. You can do this. 

You Don’t Think Your Camera Gear Is Good Enough

Inside Auto to Amazing I take you with me on location to shoot where I use a 6 year old Canon t5 that I bought used for under $200. In another lesson I challenge someone who knows nothing about photography to a shoot-out where I use the $200 camera in manual and they use a $3500 camera in Auto mode to prove that your gear is not holding you back but the key to taking a great image is learning to use manual. 

It’s time you take learning to shoot in manual seriously and approach it accordingly.

I’ve taken everything I have learned from more than a decade of experience shooting everything from kids to landscapes, more than 100 weddings and engagement sessions (and the info from 300+ interviews with world class photographers on the Beginner Photography Podcast) and channeled it into a comprehensive step by step implementation training program that not only teaches you what settings do what, but shows you the actual execution of HOW to know WHEN to change them AND WHY, so you can do the same. 

Auto to Amazing will walk you through step by step how to shoot manual and find great light wherever you are by taking you on location with me where I will show you real world shooting situations and use the same 7 year old entry level gear that you may have to achieve incredible results. 

If you struggle to get the right combination of settings when in full manual, want to be able to quickly adjust your settings to take great pictures even in poor lighting, or want to be comfortable with your camera to be able to capture the photo when the moment arrives then Auto to Amazing was made for you. 

The end result, total clarity and confidence when behind the camera.

Auto to Amazing is the only program of its kind that…

Is built with rapid implementation in mind. 

No fluff. You’re busy enough already, I want to teach you the foundational elements of photography as quickly as possible to get you out shooting manual in no time and set you up for future success with no bad habits. 

Uses the same entry level gear you use

I understand that you may not have a top of the line flagship camera. I sure didn’t when I first got into photography. So in this course I use entry level gear, the same camera you may have picked up from Walmart or Costco to show you how much learning manual can improve your photography, no matter what camera you have. 

Perfectly Balances Strategy and Artistic Expression

Photography isn't all about megapixels and f-stops. Emotion and feeling and context and light also play a huge roll in how powerful an image is. In Auto to Amazing you’ll learn both the technical strategy of HOW and the artistic elements of WHY so you can best know how to capture the photo that tells the story you want to tell.

If you're a new photographer, and you want to skip the years of frustration and trial and error and fast track your growth, Auto to Amazing was made for you!

"Learning to shoot in manual gave me the freedom to become an artist with my photography." - Patty

"Learning to use manual mode was an amazing adventure that took me from 50 years of just “taking pictures” to using my camera to tell and illustrate a story. Understanding how to use the settings on my camera to change the appearance of my photos provided me with the ability to control both the mood and the message. I now know how to really “focus” on my subject in a way that drives the viewer’s attention where I want it to go. I can create an atmosphere of softness and light, movement, sharp detail, or a dark and mysterious look.  Learning to shoot in manual gave me the freedom to be creative and to become an artist with my photography.  I can also take attractive photos of the jewelry that I make and I am building my real estate photography business as well.  For me it is a slow but enjoyable journey that gets more exciting each time I pick up my camera."

Let’s take an in depth look into the course modules for Auto to Amazing!

Module 1: Learning to Control Exposure

Exposure is simply how bright or dark an image is. Here you will be formally introduced to how your camera works and what settings do what, for you to capture an image. You’ll learn the only 3 settings used to take every photos… ever. By the end of this module you will be shooting in Manual, and no longer relying on auto to get great shots!

Module 2: Basic Composition and Artistic Expression

You will now be taking photos with intention. Composition is how you compose or frame your photos. This module does not deal with any camera settings but is so imperative to being able to go from taking snapshots to making great shots, it had to be included in this course. I show you easy to follow compositions that you can use when shooting with any camera, even a cell phone! Composition is a major part of capturing photos with artistic expression.

Module 3: See and Understand Lighting

Photography is simply capturing light. Shooting in manual means you control the amount of light that comes in your camera. In this module I walk you through how to find good light and use it to beautiful photos when the moment arrives! I take you on location to a park at noon with harsh lighting and show you how to see pockets of light to still create beautiful images. 

Module 4: Editing Workflow

With your new found power of shooting in manual, you will be taking more photos than ever before and will need a solid workflow to organize and edit your photos. Adobe Lightroom Classic is the industry standard photo editor and in this module I will walk you through the 4 stages of Image editing to help you create incredible edits and keep your photos nice and organized.

Module 5: Bonus Practice Lessons

If you're like most photographers, you learn by watching and then ultimately doing. So I created a collection of practice exercise you can use to make the most of your practice time with your camera. You know your camera can take great photos but if you're unsure how to do so, this module will bring all the things you have learned, together so you can get comfortable with what you need to do with your camera so you can be ready to shoot when the moment arrives.

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"Before I took the course I wouldn't have had a clue how to get the depth of field" - Mike

"I posted a black and white photo of my pug yesterday. I got to play with a friends new sony A7r4. Before I took the course I wouldn't have had a clue how to get the depth of field that I got in that photo. Prior to taking Auto to Amazing, I pretty much stumbled around in the dark with my camera set on auto took a lot of pictures and hoped for the best."

Let me say this upfront

Auto to Amazing is the most comprehensive, step by step, fastest way for photographers who are COMMITTED and excited about learning how to create and capture beautiful compelling moments. It has helped many photographers who felt stuck, just like you break through and finally understand what they are doing. I am incredibly proud of this course.

Now here is the kicker...

If you complete the course and do not feel you have learned how to shoot in manual within 30 days, I will give you

100% of your money back.

You have nothing to lose.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: I’ve tried Manual Mode before and it was really confusing. Why would now be different?

I too was confused with manual when I first started shooting. I wouldn't be able to get the shot I wanted and would just go back to shooting in Auto. I’ve been in your shoes. The problem was I didn’t know what I didn’t know. After almost 2 years of continually taking bad photos trying to learn manual, very slowly came together. The problem was that I didn’t have a plan. Every video I watched or article I read was not written for the beginner in mind and I was left even more confused than before. That’s the point that SO many others give up at and then becomes your BIGGEST opportunity! When you have a step by step implementation program, there is no guessing, no wondering if you're doing it right, no confusion or overwhelm. Just clarity, which is the green light for growth! 

Q2: What If I Don’t Have Time to Learn Manual?

As a parent to the wildest 5 year old little girl this side of the Mississippi, I understand how hard it is to find “free” time for ourselves. That is why you’ll find no fluff in Auto to Amazing. Just the info you need to learn photography now. Just remember that lack of time, is why millions of other would-be photographers give up. They simply don’t make time for what’s important to themselves, which will allow you to start creating meaningful photos full of emotion and artistic expression.

Q3: Doesn’t The World Already Have Enough Photographers?

The world has plenty of photographers, but what the world does not have enough of are photographers who use their camera to tell a story by capturing beautiful moments. The world needs more photographers who are passionate about photography and want to make a change with their images. From the way you capture a child's smile, a beautiful sunset, or simply your everyday life. We need more photographers like YOU!

Q4: I Really Want to Dive In But I’m Worried I’ll Get Overwhelmed and Lose Focus.

Overwhelm happens when you don't have an actionable, easy to follow, proven path to stick to. I have created Auto to Amazing to be the antithesis of overwhelming. You’re not going to do it all at once. The course is broken down into short weekly lessons. You're going to follow the detailed, step-by-step lessons. So as long as you don't just skip around willy nilly, then I promise to keep you on track.

Q5: Will Auto to Amazing Work For Me If I Don’t Have A Professional Camera Or Expensive Lenses? 

YES! The idea that you need a $2000 camera and $1000 lens to take professional images is one of the biggest myths in the industry that's designed to just sell more gear! I use a 6 year old $200 camera in Auto to Amazing to show you that the gear is just a small fraction of what matters most… Which is using manual mode to capture the perfect moment. 

Q6: How Long Will I Have Access To Auto to Amazing?

How does, forever sound? Have you ever watched a movie for a second time to find something you didn't notice the first? Yeah me too. You will have lifetime access to Auto to Amazing. As your skills grow as a photographer you will be able to come back and pick up on new tips and ideas that will open you up to new possibilities.

Q7: What Is The Return Policy?

We are going to make a little deal, ok? 

*head nod* 

I am 100% committed to Auto to Amazing being the ONLY program you need to successfully build your foundation of photography and learn manual mode. If you are committed to learning how to shoot in manual once and for all and gain the confidence you've been looking for in your camera settings then I promise you, you WILL succeed with Auto to Amazing. And if you can show me you’ve gone through all the steps, did the work, and still feel totally lost with photography then I insist that you reach out to me within 30 days to your full investment back.

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Still Undecided?

You’re just getting started in photography.

Learning manual is the foundational step to being able to shoot with intention. When you learn how to use your camera this early in your journey, you’re putting yourself on a journey that so many others fail to ever start and even more aspire to achieve. 

You’ve been trying to learn photography for months (or even years)

But despite spending an embarrassing amount of time watching youtube tutorials online, you’re just as lost as ever. What you're missing is not the explanation, but the implementation. That's why after each module we wrap it up with a real world exercise you can do from home to solidify your understanding.

Photography will play a major part in your life in 2023 and beyond!

Doing things like watching photography youtube tutorials, listening to photography podcasts, joining photography Facebook groups, and researching the best camera gear to buy tells me you’re serious about photography. Only problem is, without a clear strategy that ties them all together you'll experience nothing but discouraging “why do I even bother” results, followed by crippling overwhelm over what to do next.

You’re excited to learn the Auto to Amazing step-by-step roadmap

Even if you have felt side-tracked or let down before, you’re currently feeling renewed optimism knowing that by next weekend you could be shooting exclusively in manual and flexing your creative mussels which in turn will compound your image quality every single day. 

You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 30 days to test it out

It is really simple, you either do the work and learn to shoot manual mode with full confidence in the next 30 days (faster than you ever thought possible) or you shoot me a quick message asking me to undo this whole “learn how to use your camera” experiment. 

If you're a new photographer, and you want to skip the years of frustration and trial and error and fast track your growth, Auto to Amazing was made for you!

Enroll in Auto to Amazing now and learn photography once and for all in just 30 Days!

"I LEARNED a ton!! It was a fabulous way for me to "get" it." - Annie

"I wanted to say that this is the first time I went out and used ONLY Manual Mode! I've used A priority, but never full manual! It was exciting! and, I LEARNED a ton!! It's the first time I REALLY could see how changing the shutter speed changes how the light enters. It was a fabulous way for me to "get" it. I made the leap. And I thank YOU, Raymond for getting me to do it!"

"The creativity really started when I learned manual" - Saul

Learning manual was revolutionary to my next step in photography. Believe it or not it wasn’t as obvious of a step at the beginning though. Before I learned manual when someone mentioned it to me, I’d looked at it as an unnecessary part  that I didn’t need. I believe that is because of the iPhone. It makes the job look so easy. But it’s just doing the same exact settings for millions of others with no individuality. But the magic, the creativity really started when I learned manual."