Conquer Your Camera for Beginners

Most Important Photography Tips and Settings at Your Fingertips!

Do you feel like you're constantly changing camera settings not knowing why?

...or when you go out and shoot you can't recall what buttons to push, and just fall back on program modes?


The Conquer Your Camera Field Guide Mini Course!

The Conquer Your Camera Field Guide is educational video course and PDF print out with the most popular camera setting and information to attach to your camera bag or strap so you'll always be able to recall what ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed can do for your photos.

The Conquer Your Camera Field Guide is the perfect companion when out shooting.

This set of printable portable photography cards is connected to a keychain and will fit perfectly on your camera strap or camera bag.

Conquer Your Camera Field Guide contains information that covers everything from

  • How a Camera Works
  • The Exposure Triangle
  • How to use Aperture
  • What Shutter Speed to Choose
  • How ISO affects your photo
  • How to Shoot in Manual
  • How the Histogram can help you take better photos
  • All about White Balance
  • How to get Sharp Photos
  • How to See Light
  • Easy Compositions to Follow
  • Photography Terms every photographer needs to know
  • and a Checklist of what to bring with you to every shoot

The Conquer Your Camera Field Guide is the perfect companion when shooting so you never miss a shot again!

The information in the Conquer Your Camera Field Guide works for every DSLR.

From Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, even film cameras this guide will work!

NOTE: These Cards are currently only availible to ship within the US as shipping charges outside the country are out of this world.

The reason the professional photographers photos stand out is not simply because their model is wearing a brightly colored gown in a forest, or because they have access to an exotic car, and it is absolutely not because they have the best gear money can buy.

Professional photographers can take incredible photos because they have a strong understanding of what a great photo is made of.

When they know why a photo isn't working and how to fix it, they are free to focus on being more creative.

To consistently take good photos you need to understand what makes a photo good in the first place.

When you purchase the Conquer Your Camera Field Guide you will get access to more than 70 mins of photography training videos with the Conquer Your Camera Mini Course!

In this mini course I will show you the 3 elements that you need to work on to start taking consistently good photos and be able to capture those incredible memories.

This Mini Course Contains

  • Conquer Your Camera Field Guide PDF
  • Lifetime Access to 15 On Demand Video Lessons
  • Over 70 Minutes of Educational Photography Video Trainings
  • A Photography Exercise to practice your knowledge
  • Mobile Access through the Teachable App

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Your Instructor

Raymond Hatfield
Raymond Hatfield

I'm Raymond! Host of the Beginner Photography Podcast and Wedding Photographer with 10 years of experience and I am here to teach you photography fundamentals so you too can create incredible images behind the camera.