52 Free Lightroom Presets!

Everything You Need To Transform Your Images With These 52 Free Lightroom Presets!

Transform your Images with

52 FREE Lightroom Presets!

Get your hands on this pack of 52 Lightroom Presets designed to speed up your editing and transform your photos to find your inspiration.

These presets work with all versions of Lightroom including computer and mobile versions. LR3/4/5/6 Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC so you can sync your favorite presets to you phone and edit on the go!

With 52 Free Lightroom Presets you are sure to find several you love, weather you are editing wedding photos, portraits, landscapes, kids, travel, or so much more! In both Black and White and Color, these Lightroom Presets can help you achieve color consistency and refine your style!

Included is a professional installation video to show you how to get set up and started editing right away.

Download the same Lightroom Presets the pros use to edit their professional and personal work to help you create powerful images that stand out against the rest!

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Raymond Hatfield
Raymond Hatfield

I'm Raymond! A wedding photographer with 10 years of experiance and host of the Beginner Photography Podcast. I started the podcast to have a platform to talk to photographers better than me so I could follow in their footsteps to greatness. After more than 150 weekly interviews I have learned so much and have seen my photography completely transform into something my clients, my friends, and even strangers rave about! Now I am here to teach you the fundamentals so you too can create incredible images behind the camera.

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Why are you giving away all these presets for free?
I want to help you spend more time shooting and less time editing. The first wedding I ever photographed took me 2 months to edit. I knew there had to be a better and quicker way. Lightroom Presets are the first step in editing your photos quickly and with consistency.

Don't break the bank buying Lightroom Presets from the influencer of the week. Enroll now to download your 52 Free Lightroom Presets so you can get back to shooting!

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