Lightroom 101

From Import to Export create a powerful photo editing workflow to spend less time wondering what sliders do what and spend more time shooting what you love!

If you’re new to portrait photography, wedding photography, family photography, or just love photographing the world around you and are looking to book more shoots and create jaw dropping images, then you already know you need a solid editing workflow.

So I'll spare you the spiel…

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that's already been drilled deep into your photography DNA

After all you probably already know that learning how to successfully edit and manage your photo collection is the single most important thing that will allow you to shoot more by maximizing your time and showing off your beautiful work to the world.

You’ve probably also heard that Adobe Lightroom Classic is the industry standard when it comes to editing and organizing your extensive photo collections.

Here’s what you might not know

Even if you're lucky enough to be able to “Get It Right In Camera” ...Having a solid understanding of why and how to edit your photos can:

Command Higher Rates

In a survey by the Knot, 62% of couples said they would pay more to receive their photos quicker. Just imagine your clients reaction when you are able to deliver their photos in under a week. While other photographers can take months to deliver a client's photos you will be the hero who saves the day.

Create Raving Fans Of Your Work

Editing isn’t about fixing problems in an image, it is often about creating a signature style. Your stamp that makes any one of your images instantly recognizable to those who see it.

Never Run Out Of Social Media Content

By creating a folder of images that automatically updates with your favorite photos from each session you will always have fresh and beautiful images to share. Having a Best Of end of the year blog post is one of the most trafficked blogs you can write and now you'll be able to create one for yourself in minutes, not weeks.

Even though the reasons to learn Lightroom are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

Learn To Edit? Awesome!

But Where The Heck Do I Start??

Perhaps in your most courageous moments you’ve made the commitment to start.

You’ve asked others on facebook how they edit their photos, watched 86 too many youtube videos on editing your photos, compared prices of editing software, and maybe even downloaded a free trial or two.

If you’re super committed maybe you even paid for a full years subscription to Adobe Lightroom Classic assuring yourself that you’ll learn how to use it in the mystical (yet elusive) “someday”.

But even with the best intentions, many would-be photographers end up abandoning learning to use Lightroom allowing up and coming competitors to swoop in and have their hand at it while they remain sidelined.

Here’s why most would-be photographers abandon learning to use Lightroom Classic

-Without a step by step plan to use it, most would-be photographers get completely lost.

-They fall victim to the paralyzing tech hangups (everyone on youtube makes it look soooo easy!), a jam packed schedule, or a lack of clarity over knowing exactly when they are finished with an image.

Here’s why this is irreversibly crippling

As someone who’s already busy with a full time job to commit to, school studies, or children with packed extra curricular activities, you literally can not afford to spend any time learning some complicated program!

And you have tried to import some photos and mess around with sliders, but you suddenly spent 3 hours working on a photo that looks worse than it did when it came out of your camera.

Therefore having a reliable Lightroom workflow is one of the few things when it comes to growing your skills as a photographer you NEED to get right the first time!

And lucky for you there are very few people actually doing it right.

In all likelihood your competitors have either failed in their journey to learn to edit efficiently or are editing their photos in a way their clients don't even find pleasing.

Which means…

Even if you’re late to the party, there’s still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, clean up the mess and create an editing style that never leaves you wondering when you're done with an image.

That is… if you can avoid the same Lightroom mistakes everyone else is making.


5 Reasons Why You Haven't Learned How To Use Lightroom Classic

Reason 1 - Don’t have time to learn Lightroom

Lightroom will save you hours upon hours of time by allowing you to edit multiple photos at a time. Spend an afternoon learning how to use Lightroom and you'll be able to cut your editing time in more than half.

Reason 2 -Lightroom is too complicated

Driving a car, spreading peanut butter on bread, tying your shoes. All of these things seem difficult to children, but have all become second nature to you by now. You're in a learning stage where everything is new and seems difficult. That's normal. When in reality, just like driving a car, Lightroom Classic is very simple when you’re taught step by step the process to get going.

Reason 3 -Lightroom is only for Professionals

While Lightroom Classic is the preferred choice of many professionals, the real value comes in being able to organize your ever growing library of photos. Which increasingly everyone needs regardless of whether you make money with your camera or not. It’s the same way a professional chef might use a $1000 mixer to create their award winning pastries, you can still use it to make your moms chocolate chip cookies.

Reason 4 -You Haven't Mastered How to Use Your Camera Yet

The advancement of digital photography now allows for images that could not have been created with film. New techniques are discovered all the time that can only be possible with the use of digital editing. When you know HOW a tool works you can make a better product. A “Brenizer Photo” is a method of taking multiple images and then stitching the photos together digitally. The editing tool created a way to physically shoot differently. Being competent with your camera is important but not required in the least.

Reason 5 -You Prefer A Natural Look to Photos That Are OVER Edited

We see images everyday that are clearly edited heavily. It is understandable to think that editing is a form of manipulation or fixing errors made while shooting. While editing can be those things the truth is professionals with decades of experience edit their photos to put their signature look on them. You may see greens a bit more minty or more neon than I do. And a photo that comes out of your camera is flat. Very little saturation and color. It’s your job to put your signature on an image in the way you see color. Everyday photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Jerry Ghionis, Vanessa Joy, and Platon edit their photos to make them more real to life according to how they see the world.

It’s time you take editing seriously too and approach it accordingly.

Shhh… Im going to let you in on a

Little known secret

Even though you know that Lightroom Classic is the industry standard when it comes to editing - It is not an exclusive club.

While many photographers use Lightroom, there is an equal number of photographers who get Lightroom all wrong.

And the main reason for this is, as you’ve likely seen by now while the barrier to entry is relatively low…

… the barriers to effective execution are fairly high.

But as long as you can avoid the biggest blunders that sink most would-be photographers, the path is paved for you to master Lightroom.

One that allows you to achieve higher artistic quality, more time freedom, and make an impact on your growing photography business.

The key ingredient to all of this is a rock solid, flexible, step by step Lightroom Classic workflow.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to create!

Introducing Lightroom 101

From Import to Export, quickly create a powerful photo editing workflow to spend less time wondering what sliders do what, and spend more time shooting what you love.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from using Lightroom Classic both personally and professionally for the last 10 years for more than 100 weddings and countless engagement sessions (building systems that allow me to deliver a wedding before a couple get back from their honeymoon) and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you high level editing theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same!

Lightroom 101 is equal parts step-by-step; to implement today and flexible; to grow with your future needs.

Yes you will learn the strategies to edit faster or remove a distracting element in the photo but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous step by step import to export plan to organize and edit your current and future photos that leaves nothing to question as you implement it.

The end result: An organized photo management system and incredible editing capabilities that takes the guesswork out of knowing when a photo is done and leaves those who view your photos in awe.

Lightroom 101 Is the first program of its kind that…

Is Built with Rapid Implementation In Mind.

No filler, no useless modules, no trendy editing styles that are hot today but will be outdated next month and cause you nothing but overwhelm and sabotage your overall progress.

Teaches You to Think Smart Long Term

The 80/20 of how to best organize your photos that will even set you apart from most “Experts”

Perfectly Balances Strategy and Artistic Expression

Lightroom isn't all about hard and fast rules but exploring and flexing your artistic muscles too which is why I take nothing for granted and break down what each slider does what and how you can use it to make a photo that really stands out, while following my step by step system.

Let’s take an in depth look into the courses content.

Module 1 : Formal Introduction

Here you will be formally introduced to Adobe Lightroom Classic and all of its powerful functions. You'll learn where everything is stored in Lightroom, why I use Lightroom over Photoshop, how to know for yourself, and all the important terms you need to know broken down in an easy to understand way.

Module 2 : Import and Organize

We will be importing our first photos into Lightroom Classic with intention. No longer will you just import and find later. This is the foundation of how powerful Lightroom is. We will build a strong organizational strategy that takes no time to set up. You will also learn how to protect your images from being stolen online and how to create smart folders that automatically update with your best images.

Module 3 : Global Editing

In this step we will be making our first edits to our images and go through each panel to discover what each slider does and exactly how to use it to enhance the uniqueness of your photos.

Module 4 : Local Editing

Sometimes a photo needs a bit more help to bring attention to your subject or remove a distracting loose hair. This is where we will explore the powerful capabilities Lightroom has that were previously only available in more advanced editors like Photoshop. Look at you making big moves!!

Module 5 : Live Editing

As much as I love to learn what each tool does sometimes it clicks best when I see how they are used together in a real life editing session. You'll see me walk through the step by step process to create photos I can't wait to deliver to my clients. You will also learn once and for all the power of batch processing!

Module 6 : Exporting

This is the final step in the process, planting your flag in the ground that you are done and happy with your image and excited to share it with the world. How we export our photos will have as much of an effect on our viewer as the edit itself and knowing how to resize, whether or not you should sharpen your photo, and what the heck DPI is. We will tackle these options 1 by 1 and build you a solid export preset saving you time and the headache of past long upload times and running out of hard drive space!

On top of all that there are 6 Bonuses You'll Love!

Bonus #1: Edit A Wedding In A Day Workshop: When you have 3000 images to go through and 1000 to edit speed is the name of the game and you need a plan to get through them with consistency and beauty so you can keep shooting!

Bonus #2: Lightning Fast Lightroom Performance: Lightroom doesn't seem to care how fast your computer is, it cares how you tell it to behave through its labyrinth of settings and options that I will walk you through for peak performance.

Bonus #3: Bulletproof Photo Backups: As a photographer your photos are all you have. Keeping those photos safe for years to come is critical to your success. I'll show you my bulletproof backup strategy that will withstand inevitable hard drive failures.

Bonus #4: How to Make Beautiful Books in Lightroom Classic: Your photos should be printed. Whether its a photo book of your childs birthday, family vacation, or even a wedding album I’ll show you how to make one all within Lightroom.

Bonus #5: Edit On The Go With Lightroom CC: Lightroom CC is the mobile version of Lightroom Classic. I'm going to show you how you can make a daily habit of shooting and editing without firing up your computer and that automatically syncs to your desktop so when you get home from vacation all of your photos are already in Lightroom, organized and edited where they belong.

Bonus #6: LIVE Lightroom Laboratory: Join other students in the Lightroom 101 Facebook group where for 4 weeks I'll be answering all of your questions and doing Live Lightroom Editing for you to watch and learn.

My Guarantee to You:

Let me say this upfront

Lightroom 101 is the most comprehensive, step by step fastest way for photographers who are COMMITTED and excited about creating images they love, to learn Adobe Lightroom

Our community of photographers is incredibly helpful, super supportive, and motivated to also learn Lightroom. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now here is the kicker

Within 30 days of getting full access to the course you will have everything you need to import, organize, and edit your photos at the guidance of this course.

If you don't feel totally confident with your edits and motivated by your newfound speed and organizational workflow, simply reach out, show us you have done the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

Here's what you get when you enroll in Lightroom 101

  • Lightroom 101 - A $197 Value
  • Edit A Wedding In A Day Workshop - A $147 Value
  • Lightning Fast Lightroom Performance - A $47 Value
  • Bulletproof Photo Backups - A $47 Value
  • How to Make Beautiful Books in Lightroom - A $147 Value
  • Edit On The Go With Lightroom CC - A $47 Value
  • LIVE Lightroom Laboratory - A $197 Value

When you add it all up thats a total real world total value of $829

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to it all for only:

This course is closed for enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I’ve seen Lightroom courses sell for a fraction of this price, what makes Lightroom 101 different?
I have seen them too, in fact I have bought several of them when I was just getting started. The sad truth is they were like watching someone read a thick technical manual where there was more explaining the smallest of details leaving me to figure it out on my own rather than showing me how it all works to make a better photo! In the end I spent close to a thousand dollars on various courses and hundreds of hours in frustration trying to piece the info together to make it right for me.
Q2: What If I Don’t Have Time To Learn Lightroom?
As a parent to the wildest 3 year old this side of the mississippi I understand how hard it is to find “free” time for ourselves. The truth is many other would-be photographers feel the same way and will ultimately give up because they don’t make time for what's important to them. This leaves you with a HUGE opportunity to get ahead and make real tangible progress to becoming the photographer you were meant to be. I have also made sure this course is free of any unnecessary lessons or filler, teaching you what you need to know now, step-by-step. Freeing you of the mental weight of wondering how much potential your photo could have if you only knew how to use Lightroom.
Q3: Isn’t editing your photos cheating?
Photography is simply a form of storytelling. It is your job to tell the best story you can by using all the tools at your disposal. New photographers often think that editing a photo is to fix the mistakes made while shooting but as you get better with your camera you discover that editing helps you tell a story better unique to you. This is why great photographers make such an impact. They have learned and mastered the ability to use editing as a way to enrich the story rather than hide mistakes.
Q4: I really want to dive in but am worried I’ll get overwhelmed and lose focus.
Overwhelm happens when you don't have an actionable, easy to follow, proven path to stick to. I have created Lightroom 101 to be the antithesis of overwhelming. You’re not going to do it all at once. You're going to follow the detailed, step-by-step lessons. So as long as you don't just skip around willy nilly, then I promise to keep you on track.
Q5: How long will I have access to Lightroom 101?
Have you ever watched a movie for a second time to find something you didn't notice the first? Yeah me too. You will have lifetime access to Lightroom 101. As your skills grow as a photographer you will be able to come back and pick up on new tips and ideas that will open you up to new possibilities with both editing and while out shooting.
Q6: Will Lightroom 101 work for me if I'm not a wedding photographer?
100% in this course we deal with all photos whatever the subject matter. Lightroom 101 is an implementation program on how to handle whatever photos you throw at it. While my experience is in wedding photography and personal family photography, the lessons taught will apply to whatever it is that you shoot.
Q7: What is the return policy?
We are going to make a little deal, ok? *head nod* I am 100% committed to Lightroom 101 being the ONLY program you need to successfully kickstart your photography editing efforts while I watch your progress through the step-by-step plan. If you are committed to learning how to learn Lightroom once and for all and gain the confidence youve been looking for in your edits the I promise you, you WILL succeed with Lightroom 101. And if you can show me you’ve gone through all the steps, did the work, and still feel totally lost with editing then I insist that you reach out to me within 30 days to get 100% of your investment back.
Q8: Can You Remind Me of Everything I’ll Get When I Sign Up Today?
On top of the Lightroom 101 course which will get you organized and editing with confidence you'll also get some pretty great bonuses. The Edit A Wedding In A Day Workshop: Speed is the name of the game to wow your clients and keep you shooting. Lightning Fast Lightroom Performance: The optimal settings and options within lightroom to keep it moving like a well oiled machine. Bulletproof Photo Backups: How to keep your photos safe from hard drive failures or worse like natural disasters. How to Make Beautiful Books in Lightroom: A child's birthday, family vacation, or a wedding album I’ll show you how to make beautiful photo books within Lightroom. Edit On The Go With Lightroom CC: Leave the laptop at home. Edit on the go with Lightroom CC on your next trip! LIVE Lightroom Laboratory: Students only Facebook group where I’ll answer your questions and host Facebook Live Lightroom Edits.

Still Undecided?

You know you’re ready for Lightroom 101 if…

You’re just getting started in photography.

Humanity took more photos in 2018 than any previous year… combined. You need a way to organize all of those photos and nail it from the start by using one of the most powerful step by step process available now.

You’ve been trying to learn Lightroom for months (or even years!)

But despite watching a mind numbing amount of tutorials online you're just as lost as you ever were and when you do manage to import some photos they never turn out the way you wanted and always look different when you upload it online or look at the photo on your phone.

You already KNOW your way around Lightroom

Sure! You will pick up more than just a few small tweaks as you go through Lightroom 101 even if you already know how you want your photos to turn out.

Photography will play a major part in your life in 2021, 2022 and beyond!

Doing things like watching photography youtube tutorials, listening to photography podcasts, joining photography Facebook groups, and researching the best camera gear to buy tells me you’re serious about photography. Only problem is without a clear strategy that ties them all together you'll experience nothing but discouraging “why do I even bother” results, followed by crippling overwhelm over what to do next.

You’re excited to learn the Lightroom 101 step-by-step roadmap

Even if you have felt side-tracked and let down before, you’re currently feeling renewed optimism knowing that by this weekend you can be plugging yourself into an easy-to-follow yet super effective methodology for cataloging your photos and flexing your artistic muscles, who’s effects will compound every single day.

You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 30 days to test it out

It is really simple, you either do the work and experience editing with more confidence and less overwhelm in the next 30 days than you ever thought possible… or you shoot me a quick message asking me to undo this whole “learn how to beautifully edit photos” experiment.

If you caught yourself nodding your head, then I can’t wait to meet you inside Lightroom 101.

This course is closed for enrollment.


Your Instructor

Raymond Hatfield
Raymond Hatfield

I'm Raymond! A wedding photographer with 10 years of experiance and host of the Beginner Photography Podcast. I started the podcast to have a platform to talk to photographers better than me so I could follow in their footsteps to greatness. After more than 150 weekly interviews I have learned so much and have seen my photography completely transform into something my clients, my friends, and even strangers rave about! Now I am here to teach you the fundamentals so you too can create incredible images behind the camera.